The Millennial Dilemma

Explore the duality of urban life—its liberating anonymity and the prevalent loneliness it conceals. Shocking statistics reveal the darker side, prompting a reflection on the significance of seemingly ordinary gestures. Discover the impact of urban living on millennials and Gen Z, with insights into potential factors and Dutch initiatives combating loneliness. Read on to uncover a simple yet impactful challenge and be a positive force in the lives of those seeking connection.

The Anonymous City Life: a Curse or Blessing?

Sometime ago, I went on a holiday in a part of the Netherlands with the lowest population density: Drenthe. As I cycled through its picturesque landscapes, everybody passing by, from young to old, greeted me with warm salutations – “goodmorning”, “hello”, “good day”. I got confused. I found myself perplex, and wondering why everybody was …

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