Simple Lessons and Some Inspiration from Paris

In the recent years, I have visited Paris almost on a monthly basis and my appreciation of the city’s charm has grown with the years. In this blog, I’ll share some Parisian lessons that (in my opinion) we can draw inspiration from, enriching our lifestyle with a touch of unique charm.


Parisians take immense pride in their culture and identity. And they openly express this sentiment without hesitation. The expression of cultural pride has been an important element in the appreciation of the Parisian style, transcending borders and languages. What I appreciate is that Parisians recognise that culture isn’t an isolated entity, but an integral part of existence. From fashion to cuisine, the Parisians know how to add a touch of Parisian elegance and artistry to the simplest routines. Take fashion, for instance, a Parisian may artfully pair a tailored blazer with a vintage scarf, instantly adding some “Parisian chic” to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Or pair a cup of quality coffee with a freshly baked croissant to add an instant sense of elegance and mindfulness to an everyday morning.


Ever heard of the “je ne sais quoi” look? This expression is often used to describe an air of Parisian effortlessness, giving the impression as if no more than a passing thought was given in the selection of the outfit. Yet, against all odds, the final outcome radiate an aura of timeless elegance. The “je ne sais quoi” look embodies the idea that fashion isn’t solely about well-matching outfits but rather an expression of one’s innate elegance and confidence. In essence, the allure of the “je ne sais quoi” look goes beyond fashion. It’s a philosophy that shows the art of balance between sophistication and nonchalance, a blend of classic and unexpected. Moreover, it’s a reminder that true style transcends trends and that our wardrobe is an extension of our personality. (Find here my blog about “Discrete Elegance and Quiet Luxury”)


Similar to fashion, the French recognise the value of detail and simplicity in cuisine. They consider a meal as more than the consumption of required calories that enable us to function. Because the importance of quality food is intertwined with different liveblocks, such as appreciation of culture, and connecting with your peers. For instance, it’s common for workers to dedicate 1.5 to 2 hours to their lunch break, savouring a substantial, high-quality meal – a notable departure from the quick “broodje kaas” (cheese sandwich) consumed in front of computers that’s commonplace in the Netherlands. From savoring quality wine to discussing the nuances of French cinema, Parisians use the meal moments to blend their modern lives with the timeless treasures of their heritage, engage in unhurried conversations and become well-rounded individuals.


These lessons may be a reminder that the ordinary can be made extraordinary through intentional choices that align with our individuality and culture. Just as Paris radiates a unique charm that captivates hearts worldwide, so too can we infuse our lives with an essence that’s our own kind of unique. So, let’s celebrate the art of living by making every day an expression of our own unique allure.

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