Painting 2024: Embracing the Blank Canvas of a New Year

As I turn the page of the calendar, my eyes fall on the number that indicates the arrival of a new year. While the recent glimpses of joy and holiday cheer are still fresh on my mind, I notice a sense of excitement to start 2024. A year yet to be painted with colours and patterns like empty pages of a book. And a moment to reflect again on the meaning and purpose you want to give your life.


During my two-week Christmas holiday, I dove into a world of pen, paper, scissors, and stickers, finding myself immersed in the art of creation, particularly through vision and mood boards. In this blog, I invite you to delve deeper into this journey.


Following up on my previous blog, I will share a little bit more insights in the process of my vision board. You can skip this section, if this is not of interest for you.


My way of crafting a vision board is different from the traditional single-page canvas. I choose to spread my aspirations across multiple pages. Reflecting on the various facets of my life, I designate distinct “stages” – as I describe in my previous blog – that I wish to focus on, titling each page accordingly.


The initial step is to populate each page with keywords as guiding stars, shaping my aspirations and setting the tone for my pursuits throughout the year. To infuse a personal touch, I adorned these pages with visuals, primarily pictures capturing significant moments from the previous year. Each photograph holds a story, fostering a deep sense of gratitude and inspiration. The final stroke of creativity comes in the form of stickers, as playful additions adding a touch of fun, infusing the boards with vibrant energy and lightheartedness.


Why do I enjoy the process of crafting vision boards for the new year? At first, I thought it was because I like to release my creativity. But after more careful introspection, I realised that the reason goes beyond. The act of carefully selecting images, quotes, and symbols to include on a vision board fosters a sense of responsibility in me for the choices I make and the path I choose to follow in the new year. It is an acknowledgment that life’s meaning is not imposed upon us. But rather, it is our personal freedom to define our path, or, as I described earlier, to paint the empty pages according to our taste.


There’s something magical about the process—the act of carefully selecting images, phrases, and colours that resonate with your goals and dreams. It’s a moment of reflection, converting this into tangible visions that serve as a compass for the year ahead. Hence as you delve into this blog, I encourage you to ponder how you wish to seize control of your blank canvas in 2024. Let’s empower ourselves for the unfolding chapters of our personal journey.

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