Dreamscapes and Dilemmas: Could I ever live outside the City?

Inspired by fairy tales like Snow White and Winnie the Pooh, I used to pretend as a kid to live a life in the forest and be friends with animals. Washing my clothes in the stream close to my little wooden house, surrounded by trees and flowers, and having the entire forest as my front and backyard. Fast forward to today, I’ve discovered another way to escape mentally, if not physically, through the captivating content of influencers like Giselle Azad and Jessie Jazzvuijk. Their serene and remote lifestyles, beautifully captured on social media, evoke a profound sense of peace and wonder. But whenever the slightest thought of turning these fantasies into tangible changes in my life emerges, a cascade of questions comes to the forefront.


Picture it: you’re in a remote corner of the world, miles away from the cozy cafes and familiar coffee shops of home. In these moments, when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is just a distant memory, you begin to crave that warm, comforting elixir that never fails to brighten your day. But where can you find this familiar solace when you’re living remotely, away from the urban coffee hubs you’re accustomed to? It’s a question that has crossed my mind numerous times during my travels, as well as when I’m scrolling through my social media feed and stumble upon images and stories of isolated, far-flung locations.


I try to limit my use of home delivery services, from groceries to food, considering the environmental impact. However, sometimes when after a long working day I have friends over for dinner, ordering food online is a life-saver. But it’s not just food delivery that I’ve come to appreciate. Booking a ride, especially during bad weather like a rainy evening, feels like an incredible luxury that I wouldn’t want to live without. Or the range of options that my Onefit abbonnement (similar to Classpass) offers in the city has become indispensable. It’s these moments when these “one-click away” services have become modern-day conveniences, making life a bit easier (and more enjoyable?).


Insects, with their countless legs, wings, and mysterious habits, have been a source of unease for me as long as I can remember. Even the thought of sharing my space with buzzing, crawling insects is be enough to give me the jitters. Despite my imaginary desire to live in nature, this phobia makes me feel like an outsider in the world of flora and fauna. This contemplation raises the question of whether those who embrace rural life have never encountered this fear or if they’ve discovered a way to peacefully coexist with it. If it’s the former, I can’t help but question whether I’ll ever discover the inner strength to undertake a similar journey of overcoming this deeply rooted anxiety.


In the heart of the city, it’s relatively easy to get assistance when you need it – whether it’s a medical emergency, a sudden power outage, or a leaking pipe. The numbers for police, fire departments, healthcare facilities, and utility providers are ingrained in our urban lives. But in the countryside, the landscape changes, and so does the support structure. In the country side your closest neighbour may be miles away, and the nearest hospital or grocery store can be a journey in itself. This reality raises the question of how to reach out for support when needed.


Coming back to the question, would I want to turn the moments of fantasy and imagination into real-life changes? As enchanting as these ideals may be, for now I don’t feel the desire to rush into transforming this dream into reality. Sometimes, these dreams serve as the perfect escape from the relentless hustle and bustle of our daily lives, providing a mental refuge without the obligation of permanent transformation.

For now, I find solace in appreciating the sheer beauty of these dreams and immersing myself in the enchanting narratives painted by the influencers I admire. It’s a gentle reminder that life is an ever-evolving journey, and the chapters are written at our own pace. Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps with time, I’ll find myself ready to embark on the experimental journey of a different lifestyle, but until then, I’ll continue to relish the wonder of the unknown.

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