An Unexpected Birthday Gift

Two weeks ago, it was my birthday. My colleague gifted me a book titled “Moments for Eternity”, by Kjersti Annfinsen. The story talks about Birgitte, a 90-years old former successful surgeon, living solely in Paris, with almost nobody of her age left. And now, after a successful career, she has come to a point where her body is showing increasing signs of decay. At first, I found myself a bit perplexed: why this choice? I mean, sure, I am getting old, but was this particular choice to remind me of this reality? I was puzzled. Yet, as I delved into the pages of the book, I found myself unexpectedly drawn to the character of this book.

If you’re curious about the unexpected connections I discovered between her story and my own, I invite you to continue reading this article. Bear in mind, this article does have some spoilers about the book, so if you are planning to read this, you may want to skip this reflection on mine.;)

Exploring Birgitte's Story

Inner Conflict between Ambition and Fulfillment

Throughout the book, Birgitte is reflecting on the life that she could have led. You will find her comparing her journey with that of her sister, who resides in Norway, leading a seemingly simpler life centered around family and home. Despite Birgitte’s stubbornness in acknowledging it, there are moments where she secretly envies her sister’s contentment, especially in her roles as a mother and grandmother.  It isn’t until the heartbreaking news of her sister’s passing reaches her that Birgitte realizes the gravity of her missed opportunities for connection.

Struggle with Authenticity and the Universality of Self-Discovery

It is striking how Birgitte embodies both strength and vulnerability, grappling with the myriad of voices in her head. To an outsider, she may appear as a cold-hearted, stoic figure – a facade she probably cultivated to navigate the male-dominated landscape of her profession. Yet, delving deeper in her character, we uncover a woman that even after a lifetime of experience battles with reconciling her true self with the persona she presents to the world. This struggle is evident in her interactions with her own sister and, later in the book, even with the unexpected love entering her life.


Finding Light in Small Connections

Birgitte’s lives with a profound sense of loneliness, yet she finds solace in fleeting connections with others. She seeks companionship in seemingly small relationships. For instance, she forms a bond with the local restaurant owner, finding comfort in their interactions and even secretly entertaining the idea of flirtation. Additionally, her caretaker, who tends to her hair and nails, becomes a source of companionship and care, brightening her days with their visits. Furthermore, Birgitte finds companionship through a pen pal, whose correspondence blossoms into a meaningful relationship upon meeting in person.



As I closed the book, I gained a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted nature of human experience and the ways in which we all strive to navigate our own inner conflicts. Birgitte’s narrative served as a mirror, reflecting my own internal contradictions and aspirations. On one hand, I strive for professional success and material stability, yet I am equally drawn to the simplicity and depth of authentic connections. It became clear that we all yearn for authenticity while navigating the complexities of societal expectations. Birgitte’s journey also illuminated the transformative power of human relationships, emphasising the profound impact of even the smallest connections on our well-being.

However, what resonated with me most deeply was the universal truth that every individual grapples with the complexities of existence. This recognition underscored the subjective nature of reality and the significance of personal perspective.

In retrospect, I realised that this unexpected birthday gift offered not only entertainment but also invaluable insights into the human condition. It prompted me to consider the value of meaningful gestures in gift-giving, serving as a reminder to prioritise depth and significance in future selections.

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